Amazing kitchen storage organization ideas 2019

Rational storage of things in the kitchen pledge of its comfortable operation. And for owners of small kitchens, compact storage in the kitchen is especially important, because every centimeter counts! In this article, we have collected useful kitchen storage ideas and kitchen organization hacks for you.

Things in the kitchen storage organization ideas

Chaos in the kitchen is a real nightmare for housewives. Most often, the main reason for this is the lack of storage space for kitchen utensils and products. How to organize storage in the kitchen to forget about annoying mess forever? We share the latest ideas, thanks to which the kitchen will become even more convenient.

Spices storage ideas in small kitchens

If you like to cook, then surely you have a lot of spices in the kitchen. Whatever the seasonings and spices lose their flavor, they must be kept in a tightly closed container, preferably glass. For convenient use, spices must be signed.

For storage of spices is best to use special glass jars. It is both comfortable and beautiful. But if you do not want to spend money on special containers, you can make them yourself. For example, jars from baby food can be adapted for storing spices.

How to store cereals in the kitchen

Like spices, cereals are best kept in glass or plastic containers. Containers should be tightly closed, it will protect the cereals from moisture, as well as the penetration of insects. Store the cereal in a dry, dark and cool place. Therefore, it is better to choose a place for placing the cereals away from the stove, oven and sink. 

Cereals can be stored in wall cabinets or drawers. Storage in the drawer is more convenient since there is always free access to the cereals, there is no need to reach out and you can not even get them out of the box. Containers for storage of cereals is better to be transparent. So you will always see where some croup, as well as how much of it remains. 

How to store lids in the kitchen?

Storing a large number of covers from pots and pans delivers no less trouble than the dishes themselves. Often, the lid is not possible to stack, and if you cover them with pans, then you can not store the dishes compactly. The first thing you can do is review the number of covers in your home. Remove all pots and pans that you have in the house. Sort them by size. Check, maybe the same lid fits on several pots, and maybe for a frying pan? If you have, for example, 5-6 pans, it is unlikely that you use them all at the same time. In this case, you have enough of one lid for several pots. If you do not like the lid, for example, does not fit the design to another pan it does not matter - buy a universal lid with transparent glass - it fits any dish!

Some ways to store the covers we have already shown in the photo above. Covers can be stored in a drawer with dishes, separating them with a partition.
You can store the lid on the door of the kitchen cabinet. Such a fixture you can easily make yourself. All you need is a set of ordinary self-adhesive towel hooks.

Other small kitchen storage ideas - kitchen hacks

Kitchen railing is perfect for storing various small things. It can store spices, cutting boards, paper towels, cups, and glasses, etc. Kitchen railing allows you to free the work surface from any small things that are often difficult to find a suitable place in the kitchen. Now in stores, there is a large selection of canopies for railing and you can always choose for yourself such a railing configuration that will be convenient for you.