Best 3D floor tiles extremely amazing designs

Beautiful tiles on the floor are the dream of any person who wants to create not just a pleasant, but a creative interior. To help in the implementation of such extraordinary ideas will be able to unique new material - 3D floor tiles.
Best 3D floor tiles extremely amazing designs
Best 3D floor tiles extremely amazing designs

What is 3D floor tiles?

3D floor tiles are tempered glass, with a three-dimensional image deposited on it. The tile is created using microlens technology, which provides a realistic image. Photos from the tile almost come to life, it seems that you can touch them!

Modern bathroom door design ideas, materials and size2019

 Previously, the bathroom and toilet doors differed only in size, but today they are subject to high demands, such as practicality, durability, design, and resistance to mechanical stress. Consider the question of selection, we shall understand the types, the advantages of each door in the bathroom.

modern bathroom door design ideas materials 2020
modern bathroom door design ideas materials 2020

Renovation of the bathroom includes such a stage as the choice of the bathroom door design, and it can be either wooden or laminated doors or doors for bathrooms for the shower cubicle, you should bathroom doors last a long time, do not lose their original appearance under the action of moisture and steam in the bathroom.

Top 30 Modern bathroom sink cabinet design ideas 2019

A few decades ago, the design of the bathroom did not attach much importance. As a rule, the rooms had a standard set of plumbing, a typical finish, which cannot be said about modern interiors. To date, in addition to plumbing accessories, great attention is paid to the choice of furniture, among which an important role is played by the bathroom sink cabinet. It is able to perform various functions and simultaneously serve as a stylish addition to the design. In our article, we will consider the sink cabinet design ideas.

modern bathroom sink cabinet design ideas sink vanity storage
modern bathroom sink cabinet design ideas sink vanity storage

Several functions are assigned to the bathroom sink storage cabinet at once. Its main purpose is to serve as a compact storage for various cosmetic, hygienic or cleaning products. Depending on the dimensions, the bedside table can also be used to store towels, bathrobes, or dirty laundry for washing. There are different filling systems in the form of shelves, drawers, metal grids. In addition to storage, the bedside table under the bathroom sink cabinet helps to successfully hide all the ordinary communications, the appearance of which can ruin any interior. Sometimes it becomes a kind of screen, hiding in its depths a washing machine, which is often difficult to find a place in a small apartment.

Modern sink cabinet designs for bathroom vanity storage ideas:

The bathroom sink vanity is a useful and beautiful piece of furniture, the choice of which must be approached with all seriousness. To get acquainted with its various types and ways of its location in the interior, we offer to visit our photo gallery, where many best sink cabinet design ideas are collected. Enjoy watching!

+40 Modern curtain design ideas for living room window 2019

The living room is difficult to imagine without textiles: upholstery, smooth lines and curtain designs for living room, which create and complete the image. Properly chosen modern curtain designs refresh the room and attract attention.

modern window curtains design for living room 2019
modern window curtains design for living room 2019
The curtains in the interior both underline the dignity of the room, complement it, and show flaws when the wrong choice of color or design of curtains and non-observance of the general style. living room curtains requirements are not as high as the kitchen curtains, but they must be resistant to fading if the room is located on the sunny side.

Dressing room design layout ideas

modern dressing room design layout wardrobe interior design 2019
modern dressing room design layout wardrobe interior design 2019
the problem of storage of personal belongings occupies an important place in the organization of living space. Traditionally, cabinets are used for this purpose, but a wardrobe arrangement can be a much more convenient solution. And it is not at all necessary to take a large room under clothes. Rational wardrobe room interior design will ensure the effective use of each free area, allowing you to forget about bulky closets, dressers, and mezzanines.

dressing room layout ideas:

Depending on the area, the location of the door and window openings, the number of things and the owners' own preferences, the planning of the dressing room design ideas presented is characterized by certain features that make it suitable for a particular type of room.

Linear layout dressing room design:

It resembles the usual wardrobe, with the only difference that the doors are either completely absent, or a floor-to-ceiling partition is installed instead, and inside there is free space to move along the shelves. This arrangement of the wardrobe room interior design is ideal for installation in a rectangular room along a blank wall or around a doorway.

Parallel dressing room layout:

The optimal solution for extended corridor-type rooms, with a window or a large mirror opposite the door. In this case, shelves and hangers are located on opposite walls, making all things visible, easy to reach, and one can only envy the roominess of such a dressing room.

The presence of a window opening solves the problem with ventilation and daylight so that a parallel layout can be recommended at the dressing room layout ideas in the drawing of the apartment or house.

U-shaped layout dressing room design:

It is one of the most convenient dressing room layout ideas. To use the side walls was convenient, the central part should have a length of at least 1.5 m.

In such a room there is a place for an ironing board, a chair (and sometimes even a small sofa) and a mirror, which results in a comfortable changing room.

Corner dressing room layout:

This wardrobe room interior design, allows you to effectively use the space in rooms with a limited area - bedrooms, hallways, children's rooms, attic. Placing storage systems at an angle of 90 ° makes it possible to store twice the amount of things when compared with a conventional linear cabinet.

It is possible to separate a dressing room with the help of sliding compartment doors, both standard and radius (semicircular). For high premises fit plasterboard or plywood partitions with a doorway, different curtains, and screens.

Using 3D Printing in Furniture and Interior Design

With the advent of 3D printers, many advanced designers tried to use 3D technology to create furniture and interior elements, but the first attempts were more experimental.

This has become a real business idea only recently with the advent of professional printers at an affordable price that designers and small companies can afford.
A pioneer in the application of 3D equipment for the manufacture of design objects is Janne Kitaen, a digital sculptor who creates highly complex geometric products with an incredible design (from exclusive platform shoes to chairs, and even ping-pong tables).

Despite the cost of space (by the standards of a simple man in the street), Janne's products are bought up like hotcakes.

3D Printing in Furniture and Interior Design
The cost of this sofa is $ 100,000
The main advantages of using 3D printing in this area are:
  • new opportunities in design solutions;
  • implementation of complex exclusive projects;
  • the cost is lower compared to traditional production methods.
Let us tell you about 3 designers who use Raise3D 3D printers to create interior items and furniture.

Wanhao Chai - designer and owner of Yujia Metal Science
The company Yujia Metal Science creates exclusive metal furniture, and Raise3D N2 is used to optimize production processes.

Wanhao Chai says: “A 3D printer can improve efficiency and save labor costs. Products become clear visually at the prototyping stage, you can see all the details and quickly make corrections. ”

35 Awesome baby bed design ideas for nursery 2019

Baby bed design for newborns must meet the mass of different conditions, and they must be chosen carefully, because not only restful sleep, but also the health of the baby largely depends on this. The first months of life the child basically spends in the crib, so the linen for him should be made only from natural materials.
modern baby bed design ideas for nursery furniture sets 2019
modern baby bed design ideas for nursery furniture sets 2019

The materials used in the tailoring of nursery bed design for newborns should not cause allergies. They must “breathe”, that is, freely let in air and moisture so that the baby does not sweat. Another important condition is the absence of rough seams, so as not to cause irritation to the tender baby skin.

+55 Modern small bathroom design makeover ideas 2019

Having presented our expectations to this project, the owners of the apartment wants to accommodate a functional bathroom where possible, so the small bathroom design ideas involve a combination of several styles, visually expanding the space, accommodating all the necessary pieces of furniture, plumbing and accessories. Those who think that it is very difficult to install everything you need in modern small bathroom design, for this purpose there are built-in appliances, narrow shelves or washing machines are mistaken.

+50 modern small bathroom design ideas 2019
modern small bathroom design ideas 2019
The desire to make a beautiful small bathtub design should be combined with the budget, estimated waste. Most often, these bathrooms are bright in appearance, with small bright accents on the walls or furniture, a combined bathroom, and the maximum borrowing of free centimeters of space. Traditions to decorate the interior with a single lamp in the center or just tiled gradually disappear. The modern small bathroom design is mirrored surfaces, on the ceiling, walls, porcelain stoneware floor, spotlights, built-in washing machine. Saving space in a house with a small area means installing a shower cabin instead of a bathroom, overhead plumbing, corner appliances, and so on.

Best 50 modern dressing table designs for bedrooms 2019

Here they apply morning and evening make-up, try on jewelry and flirt in front of a mirror, keep books and lovely baubles for the heart. The dressing table is a local female kingdom, which can be acquired even in a small bedroom and firmly know that this space belongs only to you. Understanding exactly what is required of you personally will help you choose the right dashing of the modern dressing table design. We hope that the dressing table designs for bedroom, the photo compilation of which we have prepared, will prompt you interesting ideas for the realization of your own projects.
modern dressing table designs for bedroom 2019
modern dressing table designs for bedroom 2019
On some photos, you will find green labels that contain additional information about the items used in this interior. Under the photos, you can find information about the project and the materials used in it.

+60 Modern living room design makeover ideas 2019

The living room is the “face” of every house, family members gather in this room every day. In addition, it is here that celebrate holidays and receive visitors. Therefore, its design must be approached with a particular responsibility. We invite you to explore the fashion trends of 2019 in the modern living room makeover, which will create a stylish and functional interior!
modern living room makeover design ideas 2019
modern living room makeover design ideas 2019
traditionally, the living room was a place to receive guests. But in modern homes in this room, you can often meet the owners themselves, who rest after a working day in front of the TV, read books from the home library or spend time with family. To create a favorable environment for any type of activity, you need to take into account many aspects of living room makeover ideas, which will be discussed in this article.

30 Modern bathroom tile design ideas 2019

A bathroom is a special place where a certain case of purity, tenderness, and freshness is created. Of course, the bathroom should have such an appearance that these factors are manifested one hundred percent. And the key role will be played by the bathroom wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles, which must be chosen correctly.
modern bathroom tiles bathroom wall and floor bathroom tiles ideas 2019
modern bathroom tiles bathroom wall and floor bathroom tiles ideas 2019

The basis of the bathroom appearance he is modern bathroom tiles Even if it costs something, but bathroom tile design will remain the determining factor, which adds the first impression of the bathroom. Modern industry offers several collections of ceramic tile that makes the bathroom tile design Stylish and crazy.

+40 Modern small bathroom design ideas 2019

The apartment building boom came about 40 years ago. The layout was not thought out to the last detail, which is why many in the average apartment have very small bathrooms, modern small bathroom design will help to arrange this room elegantly, as well as visually expand the space through original techniques.

The first thing to start modern small bathroom design is the placement of plumbing and placement of a washing machine. This can be done in several ways.
modern small bathroom interior design ideas 2019
modern small bathroom interior design ideas 2019

Modern small bathroom design:

But still, even the smallest bathroom can have several options for arranging furniture and plumbing. If you are willing to spend significant funds, then you can transfer communications to almost any place in the room. An excellent solution to increase the usable area is to replace the bathtub with a shower. Particularly compact corner models that occupy a minimum area.

For those who cannot imagine their life without a shower, a great example of saving space is a small bathtub design ( deep shower cabin - hip bathroom - corner bathroom).

40 New room divider ideas - home partition wall designs 2019

Sometimes there is a need to room  divider into certain zones. To do this, in fact, is not so difficult. There  modern room divider ideas , Often you need to separate a place to sleep in a one-room apartment, or in a large living room you need to arrange for each person their own rest corner or work area. Or you just need to divide the room into two.
modern room divider partition wall design ideas 2019
modern room divider partition wall design ideas 2019

Room divider ideas :

+30 Modern bedroom wall design ideas 2019

Modern bedroom performs many functions in addition to relaxation, there may be a workplace, and a wardrobe, so the modern bedroom interior design  must be approached competently and thoroughly. In today's article we well show you some ideas for modern bedroom wall design to complement the overall design.
modern bedroom wall decoration ideas bed wall design trends 2019
modern bedroom wall decoration ideas bed wall design trends 2019

Modern bedroom wall design :