Top shower tile ideas and designs to tiling a shower

The latest catalog of shower tile ideas and shower tile designs innovate ideas on how to tile a shower wall, tiling a shower with unique and modern shower tile patterns, colors, designs and materials, best bathroom shower tile ideas 2018

Even such a simple construction as shower or shower wall can be turned into a work of art with our new shower tile ideas and unique shower tile designs. Suffice it to exert a bit of effort and imagination to find a suitable material for the lining. The most common among the possible varieties for many years is tile.

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shower tile ideas
shower tile ideas and designs to tiling a shower in the bathroom
shower tile ideas
shower tile ideas, shower tile designs, tiling a shower, bathroom shower tiles
shower tile ideas,shower tile designs, tiling a shower, stone shower tiles
shower tile ideas, shower tile designs, tiling a shower, stone shower tiles

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Visual effects of bathroom shower tile :

To tiling a shower stalls stylish and beautiful, you should consider some of the features of the material. Shower tiles can be: ( glossy, matte, smooth, relief )

Accents of shower tile ideas are an aesthetic complement to the most visited room in your house.
Most bathroom showers have a dull neutral shower tile design, but tile shower wall can bring new inspiration to the decor of your bathroom. new shower tile designs allow you to modernize your bathroom area without having to completely renovate the space.

Top 20 Luxury classic curtains and drapes designs 2018

New catalog of classic luxury curtains and drapes 2018 with the best classic curtains designs and drapery designs 2018 for all rooms living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom curtain designs 2018 for luxury interior design

Luxury classic curtains design 2018 are used for window decoration in homes for centuries because you can always beat the classics in modern colors, colors, and fabrics.
Making window curtains in classic style will add to any interior a cozy atmosphere, completeness and at the same time a certain solemnity. It is the most popular form of decorating the windows because It combines in equal proportions as the practical and aesthetic principle. The design of the windows classic curtains designs "emphasize" its shape and creates an impression made from a single web of fabric.

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Speaking of luxury curtains in a classic style, many people use these definitions as "simple", "conservative", "strict". But it is not so: the classic curtain designs can be very different - or austere luxury, for a holiday or ornate homey, trendy or retro.

Representatives of this type are united only structure - called classic luxury curtains and drapes 2018, which consist of two sliding curtains and tulle. That's all. The rest depends on design, use of fabrics and accessories for luxury curtain designs and drapes in classic style, cornice and attachment method.
luxury classic curtains and drapes 2018, orange curtains designs for dining room
luxury classic curtains and drapes 2018, orange curtains designs for dining room
So, what are these curtains? This concept includes a direct sliding curtain, pretty light curtains, pelmet.

There are many sorts of design options window openings in the classical style: if you want all the elements can be used immediately, or if you want to combine them together in different combinations of interest.

 Using the classic curtains designs and patterns on fabrics, stripes, and monograms - a classic feature of curtains, which should definitely be used.
gold and black curtains designs, luxury classic curtains and drapes 2018 for bedroom
gold and black curtains designs, luxury classic curtains and drapes 2018 for bedroom

Classic Luxury curtains and drapes Fabric

 is the main focus of curtains and drapes in a classic style 2018 . Believe me, classic curtains and drapes 2018 will look completely different on the basis of the choice of fabric. For example, expensive heavy fabrics for luxury curtains of any restrained tones are appropriate in a luxurious office or living room, the bedroom curtains are better not to hang up. The modern interior designed in a minimalist curtain styles "metallic" fabric, drawing them to be unusual and avant-garde. The luxurious velvet, gentle silk, light curtains, festive tapestry - classic tailoring curtains and drapery designs can be made from any of these tissues! Light industry today offers a huge selection of different fabrics - the choice is huge, look, relying on your taste! The most important thing - the texture and colors of the fabric must be fully in harmony with the overall style of the interior. Consider this easy rule of thumb when selecting luxury curtains in a classic style.

Pay special attention to accessories - is also an important detail, though the classic curtains and drapes in themselves look luxurious. Welcome cords, tassels, decorative ribbons, all kinds of grabs. 
Decorative elements can add in each product its own "flavor", giving it a complete and elegant look, emphasizing style. The swags interesting element is the folds that are often laid by hand or with a special luxury curtains tape. Watching these wrinkles effectively, smart - home interiors suddenly transformed!

Fantasy of River white Granite countertops and interiors

Top designs and ideas for River white granite to decorate your interior, white river granite for the modern and luxury interior, river white granite countertops for kitchen and bathroom, stairs and worktops, river white granite price and cost it is affordable white granite types, valley white granite.

River white granite pleasant warm colors material. In appearance river white Granite similar to and like marble - gray streaks form an intricate pattern. it is one of high quality and super white granite.

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White River Granite rugged, durable stone became a favorite building material in many cities and countries around the world. From it are made facade and flooring, magnificent monuments, balusters, and balls decorating bridges and stairs tiles. Perfect as a material for white granite countertops in the kitchen or the bathroom and worktops, River white Granite has high hardness, low water absorption and lack of reaction with acids and alkalis.

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River white Granite
Fantasy of River white Granite countertops bar, white granite worktops

The beauty of white Granite in the interior decor :

White granite with a beautiful pattern in the form of thin gray specks on a white background. This granite due to its universal white can be used for any interior design styles, especially beautiful from it obtained countertops, fireplaces, floors ( how to install penny floor ), stairs and wall.

White granite - a wonderful natural material that can create the illusion of greater capacity in virtually any room, and form an atmosphere of lightness, purity and good mood.
Perfectly compatible with any other building and finishing materials of almost any shade.

white Granite countertops
Fantasy of River white Granite countertops bar, white granite worktops
granite worktops
Fantasy of River white Granite countertops for traditional kitchen

Best types of white granite :

The most popular to date, and is constantly kept in stock in our warehouses, are such characteristic species belonging to the white granite as: 
  • River white granite
  • kashmir white granite
  • colonial white granite
  • moon white granite
  • white fantasy granite
  • super white granite
  • imperial white granite
  • valley white granite
  • galaxy white granite

and many others of luxury white granite and tiles for home decor wall and floor and kitchen countertops and white granite worktops.

Any white granite, of course, is good not only their appearance, can be used in the design, combining with any, even seemingly absolutely incongruous materials and shades, but also their physical and mechanical properties inherent in the breed.

River white granite :

Today we choose one of this types of white granite to provide info and designs for you, It is River white Granite is extracted from the bedrock in the field in India and Brazil. A feature of this granite is its white color with linear veins. The color of these veins can vary in tone with gray.

River white granite is used mostly for indoor or interior decoration, manufacturing countertops, vanity top, window sills, steps, riser stairs, and other decorative items inside the building and worktops. Most often it is used for kitchens and baths.

It is worth noting that for facades, river white Granite is rarely used, as the white granite more visible pollution than others.

3D flooring ideas and 3D bathroom floor murals designs

Among all the flooring options, 3D flooring art gives your interior great effects, 3D bathroom floor murals, kitchen 3D floors, living room floor designs bring life to your interior - self-leveling floor compound
Among all the options, perhaps, self-leveling floor compound or as it called 3D flooring and 3D floor art is the best-fit as a floor covering in the bathroom.
As you know there is a very high moisture content, which makes a lot of problems, such as the floor surface, the 3d wall paneling ideas, and ceiling design ideas

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Therefore, in the choice of material for the 3D bathroom floor everything should be approached very seriously. As for the self-leveling 3D floors, this decision will be an effective obstacle to the adverse effects of moisture. 3D flooring technology is now widely used not only in residential and industrial style premises.

Stunning flooring ideas: How to make penny floor and copper penny tile floor

3D flooring advantages and disadvantages

The obvious advantages of the 3D bathroom floor, you can replenish the fact solidity and the total absence of seams. 
Every year more and more consumers abandon the usual laminate, tile, and parquet and prefer the 3D flooring ideas. 
The lovely appearance of the 3D floor art can radically transform any interior, make it unrecognizable. Unfortunately, along with the advantages, there are also certain drawbacks:

3d bathroom floor
living room 3D flooring art - 3D floor designs
It will bed difficult for the 3D bathroom floor to replace another coverage, since quite difficult to dismantle. If you want to change the situation, the only option is to update the top decorative layer. In this case, over the old layer is a thin layer of new surface with another shade or pattern or 3D bathroom floor murals.

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The best curtain styles and designs ideas 2017

Top curtain styles 2017 for each room in your interior and latest curtain designs 2017, new curtain style, ideas, colors, fabrics for window covering and window treatments interior doors, Luxury curtainsAustrian curtain, Japanese curtains, eclectic curtain style 2017 and drapes, French country curtains

 Curtains styles, curtain designs 2017
New curtain styles and curtain designs 2017 for all rooms
modern turquoise curtain styles 2017 and curtain designs
modern turquoise curtain styles 2017 and 3d curtain designs

What style of curtains is suitable for your interior?

You decide to change something in your interior perhaps worth evaluating an existing design and look what you can change. If you do not want in the near future to make repairs, you can try to change the design of the window
Do not chase the fashion she is too variable, you can simply hang curtains in a slightly different style than the existing ones. 

 curtain styles 2017
modern yellow curtain styles designs 2017 for living room

There are many curtain styles

Here we look at the most common ones. These include: country style curtains, avant-garde, eclectic, exotic and palace style. Each of these styles has its own personality and ability to give the interior a finished look, emphasizing its uniqueness. Style Classic curtains Consider the palace style of curtains, which can be called a classic. Most popular this style was still in the 17th century. Then it was used for the decoration of palaces and houses of other nobles. Today, this style is also retained its popularity due to the fact that the curtains classic design can fit almost any decor. 

Classic curtains - a combination of light tulle and heavy curtains. Classic curtains can look harmoniously with any interior. This creates the impression that they are one with the window itself. Soft texture and relief of curtains very smoothly into each other, creating the impression that they are made ​​of the same fabric. Given the purpose and origin of this style, it can be assumed that these curtains are used fabric of silk, velvet, taffeta fabrics and lined .

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Top Tips to install penny floor and copper penny tile floor

Penny floors of copper pennies, how to install penny floor or make penny floor and penny flooring from penny round tile of copper pennies or coins and cents, penny tiled floor, penny tile floor, copper tiles with stylish designs and ideas

penny floor
 penny floor tile from copper pennies and coins
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You want to put a new floor? Then you have to get acquainted with the penny floor, penny tile floor or copper penny floor. It is very fashionable and is done by hand, but it looks like a breathtaking luxury floor, cozy and quiet. Learn how to make your own floor of copper pennies.

Applying a penny floor creates an interesting look in the room. You can choose bright, shiny new tin penny, penny with the patina of age, or a combination, depending on your tastes.
Another option for copper penny tile floor is the head or tail up randomly, and others. Penny design floor depends entirely on personal choice. Installing penny floors very time-consuming. Does that spark an idea?

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penny floors
penny floor tile designs from copper pennies

Tips on how to make penny floor :

It may sound cheap but received just fine, subtle and difficult. This is a relatively simple operation, and the result will surprise you.

penny floor,copper penny floor tile installation
penny floor and copper penny floor tile installation
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Step by step to install penny floor coins penny tile :

Industrial style kitchen decor and furniture - Top secrets

Top secrets on how to create Industrial kitchen style with industrial-chic decor and furniture, industrial kitchen island, cabinets, table, dining table, shelving and industrial style lighting, industrial home decor and kitchen interior design

Industrial chic style in the kitchen decor and industrial chic furniture with secrets of creating industrial atmosphere.

These days are very popular, Industrial kitchen style loft. The interiors of the spirit of freedom reigns. Can I use these directions in the design of the kitchen ( Industrial kitchen)? Today we will speak about it

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How to paint antique white kitchen cabinets

industrial kitchen
industrial kitchen style, industrial chic decor, industrial style lighting

Industrial style and industrial decor :

The main principle of industrial kitchen style is the simplicity of shapes, colors, and finishes. It valued the functionality and benefits. Industrial style is suitable for people who are not afraid to take risks and experiment. It is attractive, comfortable and also the budget.
Do you want to know how to create an industrial-chic environment in the interior of a modern kitchen? Explore main secrets.

industrial kitchens
industrial kitchen style, industrial chic decor furniture, industrial kitchen island
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How to create industrial kitchen interior design :

open space in the industrial kitchen style :

The industrial chic style - open plan. In order not to disrupt the overall concept of the kitchen, you need to get rid of the wall between the dining room, kitchen and living room. Suffice it to the zone of color, light, glass partitions or bar.

Awesome 3D wall panels and interior wall paneling ideas

A detailed look at 3D wall panels as one of the modern wall paneling ideas 2018. 3D decorative wall panels, textured wall panel design with lights, 3D wall art panels made of Glass, MDF, Bamboo, Gypsum, PVC

Paint, wallpaper and decorative elements for the walls - all this was improved constantly over the years and, seemingly, to invent something fresh longer possible. But finishing materials industry is also developing rapidly and relentlessly as the entire civilized world.

We have already considered the least popular varieties of finishing material is the 3D wallpaper, now they add 3D textured wall panels (convex), which also claim to be the ability to change the boundaries of the measurement of the interior space.

3D wall panels have been raised and became the latest trend in the interior wall paneling ideas, photos, and videos which on the internet allows you to choose the best options for the decoration of any interior or exterior space. 

The 3D decorative wall panels are particularly impressive especially in spacious rooms with a limited amount of furniture.The 3D wall art panels create a unique feeling of the illusion of living walls. New 3D textured wall panels are promising to turn the simple and contemporary interior design in a breathtaking spectacle.

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3D wall panels: textured panel manufacturing

3D wall panels - plastic wall panel design ideas
3D wall panels - plastic wall panel design ideas
The decorative 3D textured wall panels are made of various materials: gypsum, glass, MDF, pulp, plywood, aluminum, plastic composites or precious wood, bamboo. Before they appear to customers in the ready-made, 3D wall panels go through several important stages of processing:
The development of 3D wall panel design: In a sketch for 3D wall panel a team of professional designers and artists employs. Armed with imagination, current trends, and innovative computer technologies ZD simulation, they prepare a perfect 3D textured wall panels product that is completely different from the usual flat decorative panels.

Top 15 Mid century modern kitchen design ideas

Top designs of mid-century modern kitchen ideas and furniture, see how to design mid-century modern kitchens in your home and how to choose mid-century kitchen cabinets, table, lighting and mid-century modern homes decor and style photos

Mid century modern kitchen
Mid-century modern kitchen design ideas and cabinets
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What is the Mid-century modern kitchen?

Mid-century modern kitchen styles is evident from its name, it is the style that expresses the time period of the 1950 and 1960 with these mid-century kitchen designs, The mid-century style is one of the stylish interior design styles for today,

Mid-century modern kitchen style featuring light-colored walls with pastel design accents and flat paneled cabinets. the appliances with rounded corners with shiny metal handles
You can design mid-century kitchen in your kitchen style but is not necessarily the design it with all elements, you can combine the mid-century kitchen and modern kitchen style today, In order to possess stylish mid-century modern kitchen designs, this is what we want from this article.

 mid-century modern kitchen
mid century modern kitchen cabinets and furniture
To design the mid-century modern kitchen you start with the wall color, you can choose pale yellow and green color for the wall, Pale colors will pair well with white or light wood cabinetry but regarding the backsplash in the mid-century kitchen made from light-blue or white tiles.
there are other selections for colors, that is incorporate color on the cabinets, so you may want to opt for white or cream walls.

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Stylish herringbone tile pattern backsplash
Fantasy of River white Granite and super white granite countertops

About mid-century modern kitchen cabinets colors, you can paint it pale blue, green and yellow. Mid-century modern kitchen cabinets are best accented by a muted backsplash and wood floors to have unique kitchen design and rather than overdone

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Unique ceiling design ideas 2020 for creative interiors

Largest album of the best ceiling design ideas for all rooms, creative ceiling designs 2020 and creative ceiling ideas for each interior design styles and decor, see how to decorate your ceiling to have creative interiors room and house

Rِecently I have offered many albums for false ceiling designs of plasterboard, gypsum, plaster of paris designs and pop design, it won visitor admiration and great popularity,
So Today I write this post to show you many of great and creative ideas to decorate the ceiling in your interior, I have collected this ceiling design idea from world designers sites, I wish you get it suitable for your interior decor.

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Always we have painted the ceiling white paint or white wallpaper is pleased to have decided that it visually increases the height of the room and forget about it. 
But the ceiling can make a major emphasis in the interiors, to build in a very interesting lighting, play with colors, textures, and materials.

unique ceiling designs, ceiling ideas 2018, ceiling designs for office
unique ceiling design ideas for the office
The ceiling designs of the room: a stylish design element in any interior decor. In order to choose the suitable ceiling design and ceiling ideas with your interior, 
First, we must analyze the purpose of the room:
  • how much light there is
  • how much you want to pay attention to is the ceiling
  • How exactly draw the ceiling in the room - in the person of your choice.

Here, I provide the best ceiling design ideas which designed by world professional designers, who can encourage you.

The best ceiling designs and ideas 2020 :

Armstrong Vector Ceilings from metal:

Armstrong Ceiling one of the stylish ceiling types and ceiling designs , widely used in offices, stores, and entertainment centers. Thanks to its affordable price and ease of installation are very much in demand.

Armstrong ceilings, vector ceiling from metal, ceiling design ideas
Armstrong ceilings, vector ceiling from metal, ceiling design ideas
Design features of this ceiling design allow the system to put light into the ceiling, which gives it an original appearance.
A wide range of plates, you can choose the best option depending on the destination of the room. In the living rooms are often used designs to decorate ceiling in bathrooms and kitchens, hallway and halls.

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Stretch ceiling :

The most popular ceiling designs today suspended and tension structures. But with them and begin.
I suggest this great article about Stretch ceilings, How to choose PVC stretch ceiling systems +15 ceiling designs and ideas

stretch ceiling, ceiling designs, ceiling ideas, ceiling design ideas
stretch ceiling design, unique ceiling designs, and ceiling ideas

Stretch ceiling with twinkling lights

Stretch ceiling design with twinkling lights create a wonderful atmosphere in the bedroom, it is one of unique and latest ceiling design ideas in this year

33 Cool Ideas for LED ceiling lights and wall lighting fixtures 2018

LED ceiling light fixtures, LED wall lights, false ceiling lights for living room, bedroom false ceiling lights, false ceiling LED lights, LED false ceiling lights, bathroom LED lighting fixtures, modern bedroom lighting ideas, interior lighting design ideas, bathroom LED mirror lights and led ceiling lights with decorative LED lights

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The LED ceiling light fixtures and LED wall lights in a home are very important. The false ceiling lights for living room create indirectly the main feeling and the whole atmosphere of inspiration. 

The decorative ceiling lights and install LED light have the strongest effect. Imagine a room with blue false ceiling LED lights in front and beside it, a room with a red LED false ceiling lights. 

Even with the same furniture and this furniture arrangement, they would appear totally different. The difference between chandelier lighting and candle lighting is great. 
Today we talk about interior lighting design ideas for ceiling and wall. There is the opinion that the plaster ceiling or suspended ceiling lights are suitable only for luxury homes and not everyone can afford them. 

It is not so, indeed ceiling lights and wall lights create an excellent atmosphere, but they are not expensive. If you invest a little time to study lighting options, you'll find great deals for bedroom false ceiling lights and bathroom LED ceiling lights and lighting fixtures.

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LED ceiling light fixtures and wall lights - false ceiling lights

led ceiling lights
LED ceiling light fixtures: luxury apartment with ceiling and wall lights
led ceiling lights
decorative LED lights: modern bedroom with wall light in purple color

Top ideas for LED ceiling lights for false ceiling designs

Get the best and latest ideas for LED ceiling lights and lighting for false ceiling pop design and gypsum ceiling lights for all room and all types of ceiling lights and ceiling designs 2018, LED strip lighting ideas, false ceiling lights and plaster ceiling lighting ideas

Learn how to install RGB LED strip lights for ceiling step by step

If you want to repair your interior ceiling and want to make stylish LED light ideas in your ceiling, I provide exclusive LED ceiling lights ideas for pop design and false ceiling. Don't miss our article to know How to install LED light strips

At the first, I advise you to visit our recent designs and ideas for pop false ceiling design 

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But now you can see the newest ceiling lighting ideas for the suspended ceiling ( false ceiling lights - gypsum ceiling lighting - LED lights for pop design and more LED ceiling lights for other types of LED lights 2018 for the ceiling.

led ceiling lights
Top ideas for LED ceiling lights for false ceiling designs
led ceiling lights and led spot lights for false ceiling in living room
led ceiling lights and led spotlights for the false ceiling in living room

LED ceiling lights are on of the best ceiling lighting systems in this year, so you should know this modern ceiling lights and see how it can to give you unique and beautiful view in your home.
In this catalog, you can find the best-led ceiling lights ideas for false ceiling lights for any room ( LED ceiling lights for living room, led lights for bedroom, hallway, bathroom and kitchen ceiling lights with led lights 2018 )

This designs and ideas of LED ceiling lights designed by international interior designers from all the world, so I hope this idea for ceiling lighting win your like.

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Modern false ceiling lights ideas :

Best 20 French country curtains and blinds for door and windows

The best designs of French country curtains for french doors and blinds, how to choose the best design of French curtains for living room 2018, hall, bedroom, kitchen, French door curtain panels and rods, french style curtains such as French lace curtains and pleat

French curtains are perfect for decoration of classic interiors, windows in a range of settings in which an antique or classic furniture.

However, in simple contemporary French country curtains is also indispensable softening. these curtains are more suitable transparent tulle any shade or light-colored silk. In the classic version French curtains sewn from thick silk with a satin overflow, organza, voile or other fine fabrics. These curtains can look in the window as an independent element or supplement their curtains and lambrequins.
The elegant design of French curtains can create an atmosphere in the interior solidity and respectability. 

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french country curtains for bedroom 2018 purple curtain designs 2018
french country curtains for bedroom 2018 purple curtain designs
French country curtains
French country curtains
It is well suited for window decoration classic cabinet and in the hall will be set up so blind to the solemn mood. In the bedroom, the use of French in flirty flowered curtains gives the room character ease and romance, making a particle of French chic.

One of the advantages of these curtains is the possibility of combining them with classic curtains, lambrequins, and tassels.

French country curtains can be compared with the Austrian, but the difference will be obvious - French curtains are built along the entire length, and the Austrian - only the bottom.

French country curtains valances, dark blue curtain designs 2018
French country curtains valances, dark blue curtain designs 2018

French Style curtains in the interior:

French country curtains owe the appearance of castles in the court of Louis XIV in France, where they immediately came into vogue. Today, many lovers of classical style preference. Designers use the French curtains as a tool to give the room luxury and solemnity. From the points of view of different curtains smooth bending lines, soft texture, flowing draperies, charming eyes of visitors.

French curtains are cascaded lifting curtains. By design, it is a compound fabric vertical section (scallops) of the same size. In each case, the number of sections calculated individually depending on the size of the window.

French country curtains parted not as ordinary curtains apart, and gradually rise and gather in the lush folds at the top of the window opening. As with any other similar products, they need high-quality curtain systems, providing convenient and prolonged operation. Raising the curtains can be done using manual or electric control, which is in the eaves. This mechanism can adjust the height of the curtain, raising it to any level.

Installing drywall partition and how to drywall, step by step

Step by step to installing drywall partition with latest trends on how to install drywall with top tips from international designers, how to patch and repair drywall, drywall partitions of plasterboard and gypsum board with his hands

Often many of us in the repair has to build new interior walls. Someone makes them brick, someone collects plywood. But why spend money on such expensive materials and do the dirty work when installing drywall partition walls with his own hands is much more practical? so I write this article for each person ask How to drywall.

The matter is quite simple and dust free - when working with drywall partition is the minimum of waste and construction debris, and to assemble the structure, then there really is no big deal, we need only to comply with mounting technology.

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Installing drywall partition, how to drywall partition
Installing drywall partition, how to drywall partition, plasterboard drywall

how to Install drywall partition :

If you decide to seek help from a professional, you will have to pay quite a considerable sum, which is almost identical to the money spent on the building material.

 It turns out that more profitable to invest in the more expensive and high-quality drywall partition materials and carry out the work with his own hands.

Types of drywall partition :

To date, the construction of three types of drywall partition are known:
Simple (this structure is a single layer of plasterboard and a simple framework);
Reinforced (metal frame covered with a double layer of drywall partition on each side);
The most powerful designs are a combination of reinforced metal frame and trim with a double layer of drywall partition on each side.

The choice of the type of gypsum board, as well as its quality, depends easy installing drywall partition and durability.

wall paneling ideas
Installing drywall partition, how to drywall partition, plasterboard drywall

Self leveling epoxy resin floor coating and 3D flooring

How to install your epoxy resin flooring yourself step by step with the suitable self-leveling epoxy floor coating, and how to apply 3D flooring designs and murals in the 3D bathroom floor with transparent epoxy floor paint

In today's article, we'll show you how to make a self-leveling epoxy flooring to achieve the maximum saving of time and money for the family budget. 

Self leveling epoxy resin floor coating and 3D flooring

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These self-leveling epoxy floors can be considered as one of the best types of flooring, which can be used in both industrial and residential areas. 

Epoxy floor coating has an excellent appearance for a long time (at least 10 years) and excellent performance, more than any other floor coating.

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self leveling epoxy floor
self-leveling epoxy floor coating - 3D bathroom floor murals designs
You can pour liquid epoxy resin flooring ideas yourself in the rooms of your house, a cottage or apartment, Such a coating does not require special equipment, tools or special production skills, the process of pouring the self-leveling epoxy does not require a large amount of time and effort. It does not require significant costs and material resources - currently, epoxy floor coatings have an almost perfect balance of price and quality.

How to paint concrete floors in detailed steps

learn how to paint a concrete floor step by steps and receive the expert tips on how to choose a concrete floor paint type which is suitable for painting  your floor

Painting concrete floor is a great way to make it look good. Putting fresh paint on an old concrete floor can cover more stains. If you plan to get a painted concrete floor, you must remember that concrete is naturally porous. See step by step how to paint a concrete floor.

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How to paint concrete floors
How to paint concrete floors
how to paint concrete floors
How to paint concrete floors
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How to paint a concrete floor yourself

concrete floor painting tools
concrete floor painting tools