Types of painted concrete floors and how to choose yours

A complete guide for how to choose the painted concrete floor type for your home or garage floor, acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy concrete floor paint, expert tips which you should consider when painting concrete floors, painted concrete floors benefits, and how to paint concrete floors?.

Despite its high strength and excellent performance characteristics, concrete - enough popular building material used in various fields of construction, must also be protected. After all, the concrete surface can also be destroyed under certain conditions and impacts. This mechanical damage of concrete floors because of chemicals is the reason why painted concrete floors are necessary not only to improve the appearance of the inside of the building but also to perform a protective function. Before painting it is important to decide which painted concrete floor type to choose.
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How to painted concrete floors
How to paint concrete floors
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How to paint concrete floors

painted concrete floors
Metallic epoxy concrete floor paint, epoxy-painted concrete floors
Traditionally, concrete floors use an epoxy coating to form a protective layer on the surface of the painted concrete floor. Now the market offers a large number of special concrete floor paint types. A special feature of painting the concrete floor is the strength, which is achieved due to a lot of binders. There are concrete floor paints that form a high-strength coating, allowing it to operate at relatively high floor loads without any damage to its appearance. And though such compositions are often expensive, they pay off, as they serve faithfully for many years without repair. What kind of painted concrete floors to get?

Acrylic concrete floor paints

Acrylic concrete floor paints are peculiar aqueous compositions, based on acrylic resins with the addition of various polymers. Acrylic paints can be matte, glossy, and semi-matte. They create a protective layer that prevents the painted concrete floor from various undesirable mechanical and chemical influences and from the destruction of the top layer of the concrete floor.

Such a concrete floor coating is quite durable and reliable, resistant to moisture and high temperatures, so it is successfully used for painting concrete floors in garages, basements, balconies, etc. Surfaces that are coated with the acrylic floor paint become ready for use after two days.

acrylic concrete floor paint, painted concrete floor for kitchen interior
acrylic concrete floor paint painted concrete floor for the kitchen interior
Benefits of acrylic concrete floor paints

Increased resistance to humidity, sustainability, ease of application, and quick drying. Apply a paintbrush and paint roller and spray with only one layer, but for the best result apply two layers.

Epoxy concrete floor coating 

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Two-component epoxy paint, mixing occurs with a special mixer directly before application. Although the colors are not as great as we would like, the paint is captivating for its high abrasion resistance. The painted concrete floors with epoxy resin flooring are durable and are not only suitable for the shop's floors, auto repair shops, car parks, etc., but also for open rain, wind, and sunlight sites. epoxy concrete floor paint is not afraid of atmospheric disasters, thanks to the concrete base and it retains its strength, and looks presentable.

painted concrete floor with self leveling epoxy floor paint
painted concrete floor with self-leveling epoxy floor paint
Benefits of the self-leveling epoxy floor coating: the epoxy-painted concrete floor has waterproofing properties at the highest level; resistant to chemicals (alkalis, acids, salt solutions); perfectly adheres to the surface, especially when the self-leveling epoxy is applied to fresh concrete; the color long remains saturated.
Epoxy floor paint is applied in two layers, each layer takes from 12 to 24 hours to dry.

epoxy painted concrete floor paint, epoxy garage floor coating
epoxy painted concrete floor paint, epoxy garage floor coating

Polyurethane Enamel concrete floor paint 

Polyurethane enamel concrete floor paint is also composed of two components and can be used indoors and outdoors. First, the ingredients are thoroughly stirred and mixed. Staining of the polyurethane-painted concrete floors also occurs in two phases: the first - is a thin layer without streaks, which is allowed to dry (but not more than 24 hours), and then a second coat is applied.

The period to complete drying is delayed up to 14 days: two days later the paint will not stick, 7 - acquires mechanical strength, 14 - chemical.

Benefits of this type of painting concrete floors: cost-effectiveness, high chemical, and mechanical strength, constitutes an attractive glossy surface.
The minimum temperature of the substrate should not be less than five.

polyurethane coating for concrete floor paint
polyurethane coating for concrete floor paint

How to choose the concrete floor painting types

How to choose the concrete floor paint type and which is better? The response to this question is clearly difficult because it all depends on which role it will perform in each case. Whether it is intended to decorate the surface, make it more attractive, and also serve as a protective layer. The universal painted concrete floor type which is ideal for all situations does not exist. But several points need to be taken into account.

When you plan to paint concrete floors in the living room it is worth paying attention to less toxic, Eco-friendly options for concrete floor coating. For example, floor paint on acrylic Latex can be applied even in a closed room, with no harm, but epoxy floor paint should be used where there is good ventilation and certainly not in the living room.

painting concrete floor with epoxy coating makes glow in the dark
painting concrete floors with epoxy coating makes glow-in-the-dark
Before choosing the concrete floor paint it should be noted that each of the painted concrete floor types has a temperature range that is optimum for it as the substrate, and at the further operation. It is clear that determines the suitability of one or the other paint for the concrete floor for exterior use or for the interior. Do not experiment and hope for "maybe" using inappropriate exterior paint. At first, it can and will look attractive, but not for a long time.

Think about the effect you want to achieve? Do you need a glossy painted concrete floor, that looks impressive, but the stains and scratches are more visible on it. Or would the optimal matte concrete floor painting, which at first glance is not so spectacular, but looks like new for longer and does not require such careful care and careful operation.
how to paint concrete floors with epoxy floor coating
how to paint concrete floors with epoxy floor coating
In today's market of floor paints and varnishes, there are many different types of paints for concrete floors. They are "excellent" to cope not only with the aesthetic function, that is, giving the concrete floors an attractive appearance and even gloss, but also protective. They protect the concrete from the effects of various chemicals, weathering (rain, UV radiation), as well as mechanical damage, sometimes considerably. After all, most of the concrete floor is in areas that are exposed to an active and long-term burden. 

When choosing paint for a concrete floor, you should pay attention to several key points: decorative floor coating, functionality, and protective properties of paint, which will provide the staining durable and attractive flooring in any room, whether it is the gym, workshop, parking, or garage.