your guide for 3D epoxy flooring and 3D bathroom floor

A complete guide to 3D flooring installation, 3D bathroom floor murals and designs, 3D epoxy flooring prices and tricks from experts, 3D floor art  applying in the bathroom flooring

Just twenty years ago the only option to make an unusual floor design was to use the "calico" method. In this case, just tissue on the floor with poured varnish was beautiful and unusual. Over time, these stylish floor covering, linoleum and laminate flooring, completely replaced this styles of flooring, and the possibility to create something exclusive was long forgotten. But modern manufacturers in turn took the idea, but only with their already proven building materials and other machinery works. 

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3D epoxy flooring, 3D bedroom floor 2017
3D epoxy flooring and 3D bedroom floor 2017
Today, 3D flooring is a wonderful revival of conventional interior, harmonious combination of new technology and comfort. Dreaming of this type of flooring? now we will help you to apply your 3D bathroom floor designs yourself in your home.

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This art of 3D flooring has always amazed imagination realistic ideas - those sharks, "break" through the bathroom floor for taking stunning photos. Today, toothy predators await guests in bathrooms, hallways, a mini-pool also will trigger the same "wow effect", which modern interior designers like to create.

3D flooring prices and 3D floor installation

3D flooring, 3d epoxy floor, 3d bathroom floor
3D floor art designs, 3D flooring for kids
Why should you install your 3D floor designs yourself as 3D bathroom floor? because the 3D coverage which is purchased from a company will cost you at least 5 times more expensive than ceramic tiles and 10 times than laminate flooring. Yes, installing the 3D flooring and filling the 3D floors is really complicated process, but the price is so high. 
You will be very surprised to learn that most of the 3D bathroom flooring prices accounted for the manufacture of the image! Yes, it's true - these 3D bathroom floor murals are available on the internet and you can get yours from any online shop, but it's difficult to find a detailed description of the 3D flooring technology itself. 
So, to take - and ready. How to make the base layer and how to pour that epoxy paint - this is not difficult to understand, but how to make the dolphin in the 3D bathroom floor looks alive - that's where the secret. that's you will learn in this article

floral 3D flooring ideas, 3D bathroom floor murals, 3d epoxy floor
floral 3D flooring ideas, 3D bathroom floor murals designs
So let's push off from what is really 3D. Simply, 3D floor murals are images that our eye sees and perceives it as a 3D flooring, As an example, any 3D program on your monitor - it's just a two-dimensional image, but creates the illusion. That's the main task of the designer who makes the layout for 3D floor designs - is to create the illusion of spaciousness, which has the functions of modern aesthetics. Take a look at this selection of 3D bathroom flooring designs - is not it amazing?
3D flooring for elevator, self leveling 3d epoxy flooring
3D flooring for elevator, self leveling epoxy flooring

3D bathroom floor installation stages

Thus, conventional methods of making the 3D floors are three: photo-realistic images are installed the floor, small items on the similarity of shells or coins, or an optical illusion. In all three 3D flooring ideas, you will perceive flooring volume. Let's take a closer look at how to implement these ideas.

3D bathroom floor murals, self leveling epoxy resin floors, dolphin floor
3D bathroom floor murals, self leveling epoxy resin floors
Stage I. At first, select a 3D floor mural image that has the 3D floor design you want. It can be a photo or painting which make a 3D effect.  And now you need Photoshop. 3D flooring pictures must have a high resolution - at least 300 dpi.
We highly recommend you not to use a 3D floor image for the with an illusion of motion. For example, something falls or wave covers.
It's really funny when near the pool in the bath guests suddenly notice absolutely natural toothy fish. But the monsters that really scare it is better not to use - it will affect negatively on the subconscious mind.
Too bright, bulky, with an abundance of elements in red. For the reason that it is - a strong stimulus to the psyche. In this room you will be hard to focus, this will cause  aggression and bad sleep.
Small items, increased to absurd forms. Huge Mandarin in the kitchen thanks to an optical illusion of a comparable size to the table - is not only tasteless, but quickly get bored.

Stage II. Changing perspective of 3D floor art images

Step 1. So, the picture is selected, and the process is getting started. First of all take a photo of the room where you want to install 3D flooring - of course, with the "right" angle. But remember that many of the camera like a little distorted perspective - try to pick up the distance so that the photograph was exactly what you see with your own eyes at the threshold.
Step 2. Now in Photoshop or a similar graphics program, apply your favorite 3D floor design image on the floor photo - just the way you want it in reality. So you have created the illusion of 3D flooring. Now fasten the two images into one - now, you should see the image of the room as volumetric 3D bathroom floor design.

3D floor art and 3D flooring technology for living room, 3d epoxy floor
3D floor art and 3D flooring technology for living room
Step 3. Now cut the everything in the photo except the floor with a picture. To complete the 3D bathroom flooring effect you can do it like a trapezoid: the bottom (front) extended at the top (behind) the restriction - because that is how we see the room.
Step 4. Using the tool "Perspective" to make a correct the trapezoid. If you do not have coped with such a function - just drag it in the usual editor to make narrowest part. now the 3D floor murals are ready, save it.

how to apply 3D images on 3D bathroom floor with photoshop
how to apply 3D images on 3D bathroom floor with Photoshop
If you experience difficulties in preparing the 3D flooring design picture, or do not know how to use graphics software - refer to any designer friend, or find a freelance designer. Yes, it's cost, but eventually you will have to spend on this task at least 4-7 times less money than if you contact a specialized construction firm.

3. Printing the 3D bathroom flooring design image

 So, as soon as the required file of the 3D bathroom floor mural is already on your flash drive, contact any agency of printing. Why there? Firstly, they have experience with similar graphics, and secondly, you need to fill material under the floor, which does not lose its properties and color when applying a varnish or a transparent epoxy resin flooring coating. By the way, this process isn't expensive - it's about $ 20 per m2. And companies today often print the image on vinyl self-adhesive film and banner with normal tissue.

Tip: be sure to print at first the same image of the 3D bathroom flooring design, but on plain paper, black and white - to put on the floor and assess whether the correct angle distortion, and indeed seems the same volume and the dolphin alive. If needed, adjust the perspective. And only then - you will pay for the main image of the 3D flooring murals you will use in your bathroom floor.

3D flooring, 3d epoxy floor, 3d bathroom floor
3D bathroom flooring designs for modern bathroom floors

Stage IV. preparing the base layer
On our site there is already a lot of articles of how to fill the floor polymer. And here - the same polymer floor, but with a picture and a transparent topcoat:
Most importantly, what you should not miss in any way -it should not to be any stain of oil, grease, detergent or bitumen on the old concrete base . Clean oil stains from its full depth with milling, grinding or cutting.

Stage VI. Finishing coat
which material to use in the coverage of the 3D flooring designs for the bathroom? We recommend the most suitable coating for this is polyurethane varnish PUR Aqua Top (M or SG), which is the most stable of all known, and therefore your 3D floor designs will never fade. you should make two layers under the 3D bathroom floor mural, each layer take around 4 hours to dry.
Use a special glue to paste the photo on the floor to make a 3D bathroom flooring and then use a abrasion-resistant coating layer.
As for the transparent layer on top of the 3D floors images, You can buy it from online shops - such floors is much more difficult to scratch, and they are pleased with their appearance much longer.

3D floor designs and 3D bathroom floors

3D flooring, 3d epoxy floor, 3d bathroom floor
3D floor designs for 3D bathroom floors
3D flooring, 3d epoxy floor, 3d bathroom floor
3D flooring ideas for living room 3D floor designs
3D flooring, 3d epoxy floor, 3d bathroom floor
simple 3D bathroom flooring designs and prices
3D flooring, 3d epoxy floor, 3d bathroom floor, 3d beach floor
simple 3D floor art designs, 3D bathroom flooring
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