How to choose PVC stretch ceiling systems +15 ceiling designs

How to choose a stretch ceiling system from all types of stretched ceilings in the market now? we'll give you some tips and show some stretch ceiling designs, stretch ceilings, PVC ceiling

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Stretch ceilings every day are becoming increasingly popular. With their help homeowners to create a unique and original interior design, pleasing the eye and bringing comfort to the room.
A stretch ceiling is a heavy-duty fabric, that is stretched on a special frame fixed to the main ceiling. This mounting system provides a perfectly flat surface to mimic the solid ceiling.

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How to choose the stretch ceilings

What kind of stretch ceilings is better?

Typically, this product is made of PVC fabric. This option allows you to always get the perfect cover your ceiling. It's hard not to wonder about the comprehensive range of PVC stretch ceiling fabric. You can pick up a velvet surface, marble and glossy.

stretch ceiling
How to choose PVC stretch ceiling systems, stretch ceilings
stretch ceiling, stretch ceilings, pvc ceiling, black stretch ceiling for living room
How to choose PVC stretch ceiling systems, black stretch ceiling for living room
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The PVC stretch ceiling types:

Gloss - allows you to create a beautiful effect of reflection
nacre - decorate a room effect of transfusion of colors
Matt - is considered to be a strict variation
translucent - apparently similar to frosted glass
satin - gives a little effect of light reflection
Starry sky

Types of painted concrete floors and how to choose yours

A complete guide for how to choose the painted concrete floor type for your home or garage floor, acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy concrete floor paint, expert tips which you should consider when painting concrete floors, painted concrete floors benefits, and how to paint concrete floors?.

Despite its high strength and excellent performance characteristics, concrete - enough popular building material used in various fields of construction, must also be protected. After all, the concrete surface can also be destroyed under certain conditions and impacts. This mechanical damage of concrete floors because of chemicals is the reason why painted concrete floors are necessary not only to improve the appearance of the inside of the building but also to perform a protective function. Before painting it is important to decide which painted concrete floor type to choose.
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How to painted concrete floors
How to paint concrete floors
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How to paint concrete floors

painted concrete floors
Metallic epoxy concrete floor paint, epoxy-painted concrete floors
Traditionally, concrete floors use an epoxy coating to form a protective layer on the surface of the painted concrete floor. Now the market offers a large number of special concrete floor paint types. A special feature of painting the concrete floor is the strength, which is achieved due to a lot of binders. There are concrete floor paints that form a high-strength coating, allowing it to operate at relatively high floor loads without any damage to its appearance. And though such compositions are often expensive, they pay off, as they serve faithfully for many years without repair. What kind of painted concrete floors to get?

Acrylic concrete floor paints

Acrylic concrete floor paints are peculiar aqueous compositions, based on acrylic resins with the addition of various polymers. Acrylic paints can be matte, glossy, and semi-matte. They create a protective layer that prevents the painted concrete floor from various undesirable mechanical and chemical influences and from the destruction of the top layer of the concrete floor.

Such a concrete floor coating is quite durable and reliable, resistant to moisture and high temperatures, so it is successfully used for painting concrete floors in garages, basements, balconies, etc. Surfaces that are coated with the acrylic floor paint become ready for use after two days.

Luxury bathroom tile patterns and design colors of 2024

Browse our gallery and expert tips for the best bathroom tile patterns to use in your bathroom inspired by the bathroom tiles design 2018 and the coolest bathroom shower tile pattern ideas and color combinations

With a variety of ceramic bathroom tile patterns, you can create absolutely any bathroom tile design: classical, majestic, gentle, or futuristic. Interesting solutions are obtained by various combinations of colors and tiles. To simplify your task, you can choose from a ceramic collection. The bathroom tile design set includes floor and wall tiles of several colors, tile patterns, and decorative borders. don't miss our article on a 3D bathroom floor

bathroom tile patterns
purple bathroom color combinations and bathroom tile patterns
As a rule, choose the bathroom floor tiles design with a tone lighter or darker than the walls.
Floral bathroom tile patterns are still in demand and a trend. tiling a shower, However,  geometric tile patterns begin to displace beautiful flowers and leaves. The modern trend dictates that it's unnecessary to use any tile pattern in the bathroom or to use minimal inclusion.

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Stylish tile patterns for bathroom

Marble flooring types, price, polishing, designs and expert tips

A general guide for different types of marble flooring, marble floor properties, and How to polish marble floors? black and white marble floor designs, cost,  and design ideas, Marble flooring types

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Marble flooring is one of the most luxurious and elegant floor options. It has a rich history as it was material for designers, architects, and artists throughout human history. Being completely natural, marble floor tiles are extracted from mountain ranges around the world, and are available in a variety of finishes, in different sizes and colors.

The marble floor designs are elegant and refined, but the marble floor requires a certain amount of care and maintenance. marble floors especially white marble flooring require attention on a regular basis in order to protect them from stains and moisture. marble floor is also susceptible to certain types of dyes and damage.

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Marble flooring properties

Marble is a natural stone, as well as all-natural stone materials, have a porous surface. This makes marble floor designs susceptible to damage from various types of staining. To avoid this problem, Use marble slabs to be applied as a protective material on the bottom of the marble flooring types tiles and on the outer surface. This will clog the pores in the marble before the installation 

After the installation creates an invisible layer over the marble floor to complete the protection.

black and white marble flooring designs ideas for  living room interior
black and white marble flooring design ideas for the living room interior
Maintenance of marble flooring requires repeated application of surface treatment every 6 - 12 months, depending on the exposure intensity of the surface.
Acid colors: any acidic substance that enters your raw marble floor and causes a chemical reaction. The result of this reaction is permanent discoloration of marble.
Common aggressive elements include fruit products and juices, soft drinks, vinegar, and various soaps and detergents. Spills should be removed immediately with a damp cloth. The invisible layer over the marble floor-type designs helps you to protect it. Never use detergents based on any acid on the marble floor.

Slip resistance: resistance of the marble floors sliding friction is measured, which calculates how much force is required to move the proportion of the surface. The higher the friction coefficient, the less the floor slippery. 

The coefficient of friction depends on the types of marble floors that used as a floor coating. Marble floors have a very low coefficient of friction, especially when it's wet, making them potentially dangerous.

Physical damage: while we usually think that rock is very solid, marble flooring is actually very fragile and can suffer and be damaged as cracks and chips. Careful installation of the marble floors can prevent this to some extent, it is necessary to make sure that there are no spaces in the small space under the tile that can create small pockets of air, which can cause the destruction of the marble floor tiles. With polished marble, You should also avoid scratches that may occur. 

Accommodation of acrylic or rubber pads under furniture legs and accurate movement of large trucks can help to avoid scratches on the tile. Regular cleaning and maintenance of marble floor protection from sand and dirt will help to preserve the surface.

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How much does marble flooring cost?

The marble floor cost begins at an average of 45 dollars per square meter, making it one of the most expensive natural paving options. Generally, the larger the tile, the larger the price of the square meter. Some stores discount tile can offer you at very low prices. Make sure that they present a policy of returning the material if the material is defective or of poor quality.

Types of marble flooring

There are three basic types of marble flooring tiles used to create floors. The first is the polished marble, a very smooth and glossy surface, which creates a mirror effect. The second is the honed marble floors, which means that they are not as deep as polished marble. With a subdued matte finish the sanding marble floor tiles and gravel may be dropped to create a very smooth and antique appearance. you also may like our guide to self-leveling epoxy floor coating

How to polish marble floors

Despite the natural strength, eventually, marble loses its luster and becomes dull and covered with a network of microcracks. Marble flooring needs special care and careful polishing to preserve its original beauty. Polishing at home is quite a complicated and time-consuming process.

You will need
Paraffin wax, sandpaper in different numbers, soft cloth, sand, and pumice containing wax care products for stone.

Fashionable bathroom rug sets and bath mats 2024

If you search for contemporary bathroom rug sets and bath mats, we provide a new catalog of bathroom rug sets bath mat sets for modern bathroom 2024, bathroom rugs, bathroom mats and carpets models and colors, bath mat sets UKbath mats and rugs

modern bathroom rug sets and bath mats 2018, orange bathroom rugs and carpets
modern bathroom rug sets and bath mats 2018, orange bathroom rugs and carpets

In this album you will find the new models and styles of bathroom rug sets colors and designs, 3 and 5 piece bathroom rug sets

butterfly bathroom rug sets and bath mats 2018 - black and orange bathroom rugs
butterfly bathroom rug sets and bath mats 2018 - black and orange bathroom rugs
Even the most convinced opponent's bathroom rug sets and carpets complement the interiors of bathrooms' compact rubberized mats. So you need these products? Application bath mat sets are caused not only for aesthetic purposes but also safety requirements - practical models protect bare feet from dangerous contact with the wet tile, which may result in a fall.

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How to choose bathroom rugs and rug sets :

The soft-touch coating gives positive emotions and pleasant feelings extend associated with the process of taking a shower. Going on a little nappy pad, located in the "wet" area near a bathtub or shower, you do not feel the cold tile, cool hot body - only a comfortable and welcoming warmth.

The bathroom is one of those rooms that has a certain specificity. To avoid injury, care should be taken to the bathroom floor remains dry at all times. For this purpose, do not necessarily always go with a rag and wipe the water, you just need to buy rugs for the bathroom and toilet and a slippery 3D floor problem is resolved.
The floor in the bathroom is almost always paved with a material that is a different warmth. Therefore, for the convenience and comfort of walking the carpet the room rugs. In addition,  and tolerate temperature extremes.

Very often, bathroom mats act as decoration, giving the appearance of a bathroom much coziness. Modern bathroom rug sets are diverse and beautiful enough, so all components are the decorative interior bathroom.

All bathroom mats sets can be divided into two groups, depending on the use:
bathroom mat sets that are placed on the bottom of the tub or shower tray, to avoid slipping during hygiene.
carpet in the bathroom, which is spread on the floor.
Today, the customer is given a wide range of bath mats, which are made from various materials (polymers, a synthetic component of PVC, rubber, acrylic, or vinyl), of different colors, and shapes, and with various additional devices and puzzle floor mats.