3D flooring ideas and 3D bathroom floor murals designs

Among all the flooring options, 3D flooring art gives your interior great effects, 3D bathroom floor murals, kitchen 3D floors, living room floor designs bring life to your interior - self-leveling floor compound
Among all the options, perhaps, self-leveling floor compound or as it called 3D flooring and 3D floor art is the best-fit as a floor covering in the bathroom.
As you know there is a very high moisture content, which makes a lot of problems, such as the floor surface, the 3d wall paneling ideas, and ceiling design ideas

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Therefore, in the choice of material for the 3D bathroom floor everything should be approached very seriously. As for the self-leveling 3D floors, this decision will be an effective obstacle to the adverse effects of moisture. 3D flooring technology is now widely used not only in residential and industrial style premises.

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3D flooring advantages and disadvantages

The obvious advantages of the 3D bathroom floor, you can replenish the fact solidity and the total absence of seams. 
Every year more and more consumers abandon the usual laminate, tile, and parquet and prefer the 3D flooring ideas. 
The lovely appearance of the 3D floor art can radically transform any interior, make it unrecognizable. Unfortunately, along with the advantages, there are also certain drawbacks:

3d bathroom floor
living room 3D flooring art - 3D floor designs
It will bed difficult for the 3D bathroom floor to replace another coverage, since quite difficult to dismantle. If you want to change the situation, the only option is to update the top decorative layer. In this case, over the old layer is a thin layer of new surface with another shade or pattern or 3D bathroom floor murals.

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3D flooring
3D flooring ideas - kitchen 3D floor art
direct sunlight can damage the decorative layer of the self-leveling floor and make the 3D bathroom flooring acquire yellowness or change the familiar face;

installation of self-leveling floor compound involves complex preparatory activities, which are as grueling alignment and putty base.

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self leveling 3D flooring options - 3D bathroom floor
self-leveling 3D flooring options - 3D bathroom floor
many consumers can be alerted to the fact that despite a complete safety and environmental protection, 3D flooring is made of synthetic materials.

Self-leveling 3D floors: overview

3D floors for bathroom flooring art
3D floors for bathroom flooring art

To choose the best 3D flooring options it is better not to speculate and to take advantage of professional advice. 
In this issue you need to consider several criteria, including the state of the foundation, as the base, the expected degree of stress, the need for subsequent decoration (3D bathroom floor murals as an example) and other factors of the 3D floors.

self leveling 3D floors designs for bathroom flooring
self-leveling 3D floors designs for bathroom flooring
If you finally decide to become the owner of self-leveling 3D floors in your home or bathroom, then you should know that this floor is practically eternal. To remove it from the original location, you have to spend more time and energy. In the choice, you should always not to be guided by the classic version so that eventually don't lose its uniqueness.

Classification of self-leveling floor compound

Depending on the binding component of the self-leveling 3D floors they are divided into groups.

creative self leveling floor compound floor living room
creative self-leveling floor compound floor living room
Polymer 3D flooring. The composition of the dry mixture contains cement, crushed stone, sand and a polymeric binder. 
So it is difficult to assign any special aesthetic qualities, they are often used with a view to aligning the problematic base to provide the conditions for the subsequent pouring topcoat which is called 3D floor art.

self-leveling 3D flooring for bathroom - 3D floors
self-leveling 3D flooring for the bathroom- 3D floors
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From the title, it understood that mixtures of such 3D bathroom floors are manufactured on the basis of polymers. This can be a polyurethane or epoxide. 
The polymer self leveling floor designs are distinguished by high wear resistance, even under the influence of chemical, reliability, durability, and aesthetics. 
3D floor designs are often used in the repair of modern living room. 
Which gender to choose a polyurethane or epoxy based depends on the owner of the room. Consider what features are inherent to each of these sub-species. 
Polyurethane is a one-layer 3D flooring, then there is the ground, they require certain humidity indicators to solidify. 

Among other species, these 3D bathroom floors demonstrate the greatest durability and good performance shock and vibration resistance. 

Because of the excellent elasticity of the self-leveling floor compound, the load is evenly distributed over the entire area. In many ways, this nuance defines the unique durability of the polyurethane 3D floors. 
Even alkali, various oils, most acids do not harm them at all.

How to choose the colors of 3D floor designs

Professional designers of 3D floor designs believe that it is not necessary in the 3D floors to use a lot of colors but opt for a neutral color. 
For example, if you want to highlight some areas in the bathroom, bright color of the 3D bathroom floor does not allow to do this, because the viewer's attention will be directly riveted to the 3D floor art. 
But if the floor will be the second plan, like the background, the perception of the overall situation will be much better.

3D flooring - self leveling 3D floor designs
3D flooring - self-leveling 3D floor designs
Despite the recommendations, many people still take risks and dare to use bold colors in the installation of 3D bathroom flooring. 
Modern fashion trends focus on bright and rich colors. No one is forcing consumers to choose certain 3D floors, it can be done in several colors, and if desired, even with the presence of the figure. The most important condition - all the interior details must comply the same style.

Poured floors are coated with fine 3D floor patterns is often used to give the room a kind of uniqueness, and underscores the status of its owner. 
3D flooring structure built on a combination of the filler to the polymer solution composition and the printed image which represents the final 3D floor designs. the printed 3D images are placed on the concrete foundation and from the top transparent compound is poured in big amounts.

3D floor art murals 

3D floor art designs for living room flooring
3D floor art designs for living room flooring 
3D floor art will be a highlight in the interior design and will be subject to impressions of the coming guests. Thanks to 3D flooring, you can implement the ideas of the most beautiful 3D floor designs. 
In the literal sense of the word, you will walk on the masterpieces of 3D art.

However, it isn't necessary to use the templates, you can create unique 3D floor art designs and patterns of your own, or hire an artist. In this case, you will be assured that you have totally unique 3D floors.

3D floor art -  flooring ideas for living room designs
3D floor art -  flooring ideas for living room designs
The image can serve as a family photo or a landscape shot. Along with the picture, to create the required atmosphere you can use various decorative accessories such as coins, stones, which look great in the solidified layer of transparent polymer in the 3D flooring.

3D bathroom floor - 3D flooring murals

3D bathroom floor
3D bathroom floor murals, 3D flooring ideas
3D bathroom floor designs, patterns, murals
3D bathroom floor designs, patterns, murals

bathroom 3D floor designs - 3D floor art

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