Full catalog of 3d floor art and 3d Flooring murals

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We recently shared an article of 3D flooring options and How to install Penny floor, It is stunning flooring ideas and covering and 3d wall Paneling ideas

3d floor art, 3d epoxy floor, 3d flooring
Full catalog of 3d floor art and self-leveling floor, flooring ideas for children
3d floor art, 3d Flooring murals, 3d epoxy floors
3d floor art and 3d Flooring murals

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Features of 3D Floor and self-leveling floor Technology:

Self-leveling 3d floors - a new technology for manufacturing of flooring. Incredibly huge selection of colors and materials to create them suggests that this method is a promising device gender and popular lately.

Self-leveling floor laying technique became known recently. 10 years ago it was not used at all, but today it is one of the most promising directions in the construction industry. Such hype associated with greater capacity self-leveling floor, because apart from a large scope of application, there are important and specifications, and performance. In addition, not everyone knows that fill the floor with their hands really, although it requires certain skills and knowledge.

3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor
3d floor art murals and self-leveling floor, bedroom flooring ideas 2017

3D bathroom floor murals designs and self leveling floors

New catalogue of 3d bathroom floor murals with top 3d floor designs and art murals graphics, see the modern 3d flooring ideas and 3d bathroom floors UK , self leveling floors for bathroom tiling ideas , Contemporary flooring ideas and plans , Decorative Self Leveling Floor and how to laying of self-leveling floors and 3d floor in bathroom, How to make a screed in the bath and murafloor 3d resin floor

3d floors is one of unique and contemporary flooring ideas for bathroom office and all interiors, i have provided one of 3d floor art and murals you can see it Full Catalog of 3d floor art and self-leveling floors .
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3D floors for contemporary bathroom flooring ideas

If you have to repair the bathroom and choose the finish 3d flooring in the room you just can not pay attention to the technology of polymeric self-leveling floors. Especially good will look 3d floor in the bathroom.
With the highest performance, they hit, and also the opportunity to realize any design solutions.

3d bathroom floors, 3d epoxy flooring
3d bathroom floor murals and designs, self-leveling floors for bathroom flooring ideas
3d bathroom floor murals, 3d epoxy flooring
3d bathroom floor - befor and after
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3d bathroom floor murals and designs, self-leveling floors for bathroom
3d bathroom floor murals and designs, self-leveling floors for bathroom
Pay attention!
The inlet 3D floor is a seamless flooring materials, including a base layer - image and top coat - a thin layer of polymer resin transparent.
The essence of the technology is that when viewed from certain angles to create a visual illusion of depth on a plane floor.

These 3d floors and floor murals can last in the bathroom about 10/15 years. In addition, under them can easily equip any system " warm floor for bathroom".
Deciding to do 3d floor in the bathroom, be aware that their base layer may vary and include:
simply monotonous;
monotonous, with hand-applied screen or decorative painting; pasted from the vinyl decor;
three-dimensional image printed on vinyl film;
just a picture on the same film;
fine decoration, it can be colored sand, buttons, shells, coins, "chips", pieces of metal, etc..

Finish of 3d floors - is a mixture of epoxy resin and hardener or polyurethane

Laying of self-leveling floors and 3d flooring

So, what image will have 3d floors bathroom etc., it depends only on you and your imagination.
A huge number of options, and the picture may be what you want. In addition, it can be supplemented with the decor of stone, wood and metal - they look especially good in transparent polymers.

3d bathroom floor murals and self leveling floors

Next, briefly describe the process of resettlement of the coating.
Clean and, if necessary, level the subfloor. Spot fat, remnants of the old coating, sand and other contaminants should be removed, because it is absolutely clean surface is necessary. 
Permissible substrate moisture content according to the norms - not more than 4%, so it should be dry. If the floor is cracked, fill them with sealant or epoxy resin to seal the pits and potholes fast-drying a mixture of epoxy resin and quartz sand.
Next, remove all the dust. Note that this operation must be carried out at all stages by an industrial or household cleaner.

Full guide to 3D epoxy flooring and 3D bathroom floor

A complete guide to 3D flooring installation, 3D bathroom floor murals and designs, 3D epoxy flooring prices and tricks from experts, 3D floor art  applying in the bathroom flooring

Just twenty years ago the only option to make an unusual floor design was to use the "calico" method. In this case, just tissue on the floor with poured varnish was beautiful and unusual. Over time, these stylish floor covering, linoleum and laminate flooring, completely replaced this styles of flooring, and the possibility to create something exclusive was long forgotten. But modern manufacturers in turn took the idea, but only with their already proven building materials and other machinery works. 

Today, 3D flooring is a wonderful revival of conventional interior, harmonious combination of new technology and comfort. Dreaming of this type of flooring? now we will help you to apply your 3D bathroom floor designs yourself in your home.

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This art of 3D flooring has always amazed imagination realistic ideas - those sharks, "break" through the bathroom floor for taking stunning photos. Today, toothy predators await guests in bathrooms, hallways, a mini-pool also will trigger the same "wow effect", which modern interior designers like to create.

3D flooring prices and 3D floor installation

3D flooring, 3d epoxy floor, 3d bathroom floor
3D floor art designs, 3D flooring for kids
Why should you install your 3D floor designs yourself as 3D bathroom floor? because the 3D coverage which is purchased from a company will cost you at least 5 times more expensive than ceramic tiles and 10 times than laminate flooring. Yes, installing the 3D flooring and filling the 3D floors is really complicated process, but the price is so high. 
You will be very surprised to learn that most of the 3D bathroom flooring prices accounted for the manufacture of the image! Yes, it's true - these 3D bathroom floor murals are available on the internet and you can get yours from any online shop, but it's difficult to find a detailed description of the 3D flooring technology itself. 
So, to take - and ready. How to make the base layer and how to pour that epoxy paint - this is not difficult to understand, but how to make the dolphin in the 3D bathroom floor looks alive - that's where the secret. that's you will learn in this article

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