Functional long narrow kitchen ideas, designs and cabinets

How to make a perfect long narrow kitchen design? we will provide you with creative ideas for solving the problem of narrow kitchen designs for cabinets and narrow kitchen island and table.

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It's no secret that the homes with the old layout of the room does not always have a square shape, often have an elongated shape of the room and not very comfortable, especially when talking about the device in such a space, the narrow kitchen island.

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Long narrow kitchen design ideas, narrow kitchen cabinets

narrow kitchen ideas
long narrow kitchen ideas: modern long narrow kitchen design

Long, narrow kitchen designs have their own characteristics, but if they take into account, not even suitable room can be quite functional and look stylish and comfortable. So, in this article we will show some narrow kitchen design ideas.

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narrow kitchen design ideas: long narrow kitchen design with wallpaper
The Style
The Interior of the narrow kitchen designs is a best done in the modern style when using simple silhouettes. The abundance of decorative elements unfavourable, they will draw attention to the irregular shape.
narrow kitchen designs: interior of wooden narrow kitchen
In one line
Such an arrangement is commonly used in the interior of narrow kitchen designs in small areas of the premises. According to our narrow kitchen table ideas, narrow kitchen cabinets and worktop are placed along the long wall, but without taking up a wall completely. In the remaining gap, the dining area and sitting area are arranged with the possibility of making food.
narrow kitchen cabinets: cabinets and worktop along one wall
long narrow kitchen
narrow kitchen table ideas: long kitchen with dining and sitting area
In very narrow kitchen island, a working surface and wall cabinets can be in one of the corners. It frees up part of the room for a dining table. This decision taking on the basis of the geometry of the kitchen.
narrow kitchen island: kitchen with working surface and cabinets in corner

long narrow kitchen ideas: long narrow kitchen with dining table
In two lines
Long, narrow kitchen designs can be carried out "in two lines". The narrow kitchen cabinets and working surface are located on both sides of the entrance, parallel to each other, and the free part of the kitchen near the window remains for dining table.

ideas for narrow kitchen designs, table and island

narrow kitchen design ideas: long narrow kitchen with dining area
narrow kitchen designs: long narrow kitchen with two windows

narrow kitchen table ideas: kitchen with setting area and big window
The Colour
The interior of the long, narrow kitchen island uses only those colors that help to visually expand the room. This condition is met with "cold" colors: blue, silver, mint, white. Too bright colors and sharp contrasts are undesirable, they will distort the kitchen.
narrow kitchen island: white long narrow kitchen design

long narrow kitchen ideas: white and mint long narrow kitchen design
The Interior of the long narrow kitchen should not be heavy. You can leave the upper part of the walls free. If not possible, you can use narrow kitchen cabinets with glass doors.
Familiar narrow kitchen cabinets can be replaced by light shelves, perhaps even open. The kitchen immediately will seem more spacious and wide.
narrow kitchen design ideas: long narrow kitchen with wall shelves
The Light
The additional lights are must for comfortable work in the kitchen. The narrow kitchen designs are necessary to provide not only a thorough illumination of the working area, but also a sufficient amount of light in the part that is removed from the window. For this purpose, the suitable ceiling lights can be arranged by lines perpendicular to the length of the wall, or in groups.
long narrow kitchen ideas: white narrow kitchen design with lights
The glossy surfaces make the interior of the narrow kitchen island seems more spacious.
long narrow kitchen ideas: long narrow kitchen with glossy surfaces
Quite difficult to change the amount of space, but you can use the wallpapers with the image of receding into the distance fields, roads, urban neighborhoods. Any images that have a strong perspective are perfect for creating a sense of spaciousness in the interior of the long narrow kitchen island.
narrow kitchen designs: long narrow kitchen in white and black colors
Long narrow kitchen ideas photos
long narrow kitchen ideas: long narrow kitchen with dining area
narrow kitchen island: white narrow kitchen with black wall

narrow kitchen designs: long narrow kitchen in white and red colors
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